5.  Hold Regular Meetings

Much of your communications between carnival committee members can be done via phone or email, but you will still need to get everyone together on a regular basis. It's very helpful to run your plans past the other members to get their input. They may have a solution for your problem or know someone who can help you out. You can also check to make sure everyone is on the same page, and that everyone is doing the job they committed to do. There is nothing like an impending meeting to jog someone into doing a task they have been putting off.

Your committee can decide how often to meet, maybe every two weeks to start and then every week as your date approaches. If you are doing a school carnival, be sure to keep your principal updated on your plans. If they can't make it to a meeting, let your chairperson inform them of your progress. You don't want to end up with plans that are going to be vetoed.