Bean Bag Toss

Make a target out of plywood or foamcore (available at art supply stores) for beanbags. Paint the board with a fun design and cut out holes large enough for the bean bags to go through.


Each player gets to throw three bean bags at the target. It's helpful to have at least two sets of bean bags on hand so one helper can chase bags while the other helper works with the next person in line.


Asteroid Blast: Use an outer space-related picture as the target. Ideas are stars, planets, or a funny looking alien. You could make the beanbags to look like asteroids by stuffing them with a few marbles among the beans. 

Lion Tamer: Set up a hula hoop so it stands up securely. Player tries to throw a small stuffed (or beanbag) lion or tiger through the hoop. Decorate the hoop with colored paper to look like flames.

Circus Beanbags: Use a circus-related picture as the target. Ideas are a clown or jester, circus elephant, or tiger. You could make the beanbags to look like juggling balls for an added effect. 

Feed the Cows (or Pigs): Use a picture of a pig or a cow as the target. You could make the beanbags out of felt to look like corncobs, or use dried or plastic corncobs. 


Positively Splendid shares instructions for a Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss:

One of the endless ideas for bean bag tosses on Pinterest is this Angry Birds space game. It makes good use of a foamcore display board and decals: