At the Races

Make a "racetrack" with six lanes. You can make a sturdy track out of wood and paint the lanes on, or just use a long sheet of the wide paper used to cover bulletin boards and draw the lanes on with a marking pen. Divide each lane into about 8-12 spaces, as shown below. 

You can have up to six players at one time with this game. The player places their horse (or vehicle, animal, etc.) on a lane. The operator throws a die (the jumbo foam ones work well for this) and the player whose lane number comes up gets to move forward one space.

You can also use a pair of dice, one to determine the lane that moves and the other how many spaces to move.  The first player to the finish line gets a prize.



Space Race: Use spaceships as the vehicles and paint stars on the track.

Start Your Engines: Use mini cars, such as Hot Wheels, and paint the finish area like a checkered flag.

Elephant Walk: Use plastic elephants and paint the course like a circus ring.

Bug Racing: Use die cast Volkswagon Beetles as the vehicles.

Steeplechase: Use plastic horses and put "jumps" between the spaces. Ideas for building jumps include Legos, building blocks, Kinex, painted dowels, tree twigs, etc.

Bring Home the Bacon / Pork Chop Speedway: An alternate way to race with battery operated pigs. You just turn them on, lift the barrier, and first pig to the finish wins.
See the Links below for an example.

Rat Race: Same as above with battery operated rats.


Start Your Engines racing game on

An alternate way to race with battery operated pigs: