Games with an Outer Space Theme

There are lots of outer space and alien-related prizes out there right now that would work great with this theme. For more ideas that you can adapt to this theme, see our Carnival Game Ideas page.

3-2-1 blastoff

Nail 4 small buckets about 6" apart to a board that you have painted to look like a rocket. The player tries to toss a ball into the buckets in order, from the closest to the farthest away.

alien paratroopers

Player throws an alien figure with attached parachute at prizes scattered on the floor. Player gets the prize they land nearest to.

asteroid Blast

Use an outer space--related picture for a target for beanbags. Ideas are stars, planets, or a funny looking alien. You could make the beanbags to look like lumpy asteroids by stuffing them with a few marbles among the beans. 

earth invasion

Cover a hula hoop with blue paper and then cut out and glue on (or paint on) green "continent" shapes. Player tries to land their Frisbee on the "earth." You can decorate the Frisbees to look like UFOs: Glue an inverted disposable clear plastic cup to the top, with or without an alien inside. We did this as a school party game and the kids had fun making their own aliens out of pompoms and pipe cleaners.


A bounce house is a natural with this theme. Call a rental company in your area for prices.

one giant step or golfing on the moon

Set up a mini-golf hole across a thick foam pad to simulate a moon walk. 

ring around saturn / hoopla

Player throws a hula hoop to try and ring a ball on a stand. Hoop must be completely around the ball and stand to win the ball. Space-theme balls are available, or use a basketball or beach ball. 

rocket launch

A High Striker would work well here, decorated with a rocket theme. 

shooting stars

Attach balloons printed with stars to a sturdy backboard. Player gets three tries to pop balloons with darts. 

space race

Make a "racetrack" with six lanes. You can make a sturdy track out of wood and paint the lanes on, or just use a long sheet of the wide paper used to cover bulletin boards and draw the lanes on with a marking pen. Decorate the track to look like outer space. Divide each lane into about 8-12 spaces, as shown below. 

You can have up to six players at one time with this game. The player places their spaceship on a lane. The operator throws a die (the jumbo foam ones work well for this) and the player whose lane number comes up gets to move forward one space. You can also use a pair of dice, one to determine the lane that moves and the other how many spaces to move.  The first player to the finish line gets a prize. We have big foam dice available in our Catalog.


Find a volunteer with a telescope and knowledge of constellations to man this station.

UFO Throw

Paint a solar system scene on plywood as a target for Frisbees. Make UFO shape cutouts big enough to let the Frisbee pass through. To slow down the Frisbee, you can put a sheet behind the cutouts.

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