Games with a Musical Theme

If your music program needs to raise funds, how about hosting a carnival? Many carnival games can be adapted to a musical theme. A few of the ideas we have thought up are below. See our Carnival Game Ideas page for more games that you can adapt to your theme.

If you have more games for this theme, we would love to hear from you.

Bang the drum

Toss a tennis ball to try and hit toy drums or bongos. 

Dance Dance Revolution

We set up this Playstation 2 game at our carnival using one of the school's televisions and our Playstation 2 and dance mat. We charged one ticket to play, there were no prizes involved. The player has to try to match their dance moves to cues in the game. It was popular!

Idol Mania

Set one room aside for karaoke. You could decorate the room with disco balls!

Magic Flute

Use plastic flutes set on end as targets for a ring toss game. Small plastic flutes or whistle could be the prizes.

Make a Rain Stick

Set up a craft booth to make rain sticks. Cardboard tubes can be purchased from packaging retailers such as Instructions are available online, for example at:

Mariachi Madness

Toss maracas into Mexican sombreros. The players will have as much fun shaking them as they will tossing them.

Pennies in the Hat

Player throws pennies at hats set out as targets on a floor or table. 

Perfect Pitch

Make a target out of plywood or foam core board (available at art supply stores) for baseballs. Only a "perfect pitch" can make it through the hole in the target!

Rock Stars 

A face painting and hair salon booth will take on new dimensions when this is your theme. Go wild with Kiss-type designs or punk rock looks.  

Sound of Music 

Players walk in a circle of numbered squares while music plays. When the music stops, the operator chooses the winning numbers from a hat. Players standing on a winning number get a prize. You could go with the traditional cakes as prizes, or maybe keep it musical and give out CDs.

Street Musicians

Have members of your musical group take turns playing at your event. They can set out a hat or violin case to collect donations. You could have one group playing near your ticket booth and others stationed around the venue.

Talent show

A student talent show would be a fun addition to your carnival and of course brings in the parents to watch.

Tambourine Toss

A plastic tambourine can replace a Frisbee in this tossing game. Make a target out of plywood or foam core board with holes large enough for the tambourines to pass through.

Tuba Hoops

Set up a tuba in a secure stand. The player tries to "ring" the tuba with a hula hoop. This may ding up your tuba, so don't use your prize instrument.


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